What is Dye Sublimation


 Dye Sublimation printing is a process whereby full colour images, text and other graphics can be transferred onto a receptive item. The process relies on a specialised dye sublimation inks, which when heated changes from being a solid dye to being a gas, without passing through a liquid stage. Taking this a step further, if this gas encounters polymer fibres as it moves, it will penetrate those fibres, permanently dyeing them.

The products we supply are all polymer coated. This range includes items such as ceramic and bone china mugs, photo slates, acrylic photo blocks, aluminium, wood and much more besides.

You can print as many or as few prints as you need therefore producing a ‘one off’, short run or multiples to suit your requirements. End results are vibrant, photo-realistic images on a wide range of unique personal and promotional products that you will love. 


1. Create your artwork

Create your artwork let us do it for you) on your PC or Mac using a standard graphics programme. Packages such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw or Illustrator are all fine for us to work with.

Photos or logos can be scanned and for extra scope you may want to add a digital camera to the system.



2. Printing your artwork

We print your artwork from our chosen and favourite Ricoh Dye Sub printer. 

The majority of our sublimation products have a printable smooth face, therefore mirroring your artwork when printing is essential. This will ensure your artwork appears upright once we have transferred it onto a product. 



3. Prepare your product

The transfer is printed on to a specialist dye sublimation printing paper, this is no ordinary printer paper.

The print is then placed on the polymer coated blank, and secured in place with a small amount of heat resistant tape. We supply one of the widest ranges of products for sublimation printing in the UK.



4. Transferring your artwork

We choose from our range of high quality Ultra-Deep Swing-Heat Presses to print onto flat products. The comprehensive range of flat sublimatable substrates includes plastic, metal, slates, glass, wall mount photo panels, jigsaws and much more.

The item is positioned in the appropriate Heat Transfer Press, heat and pressure are applied for the recommended short time. Our full wrap Mug Press can print from top to bottom of a standard Durham in approx 2½ minutes.




 The finished product

We then remove the paper and the process is complete. No mess, no fuss, no costly or time consuming set-ups. Sublimation is simple, fast and versatile. Produce a ‘one-off’ or larger quantities. Just print and press to create a variety of unique, personalised items that you require.